Hey! Welcome to my page! On this page you will find some of the things that I enjoy. This is my first page, so it doesn't look so great. Sign my guest book, email me, or contact my on ICQ. My UIN# is 5279842. My email address is: luv_fool_14@yahoo.com

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All About Me
Info about me!
A list of things that I like and dislike.
Fanlistings that I've joined
My pics of friends, me, summer '99 etc.
My page full of awesome quotes that I have found.
Movie Quotes
My page full of awesome quotes from my favorite movies.
Poems by me and my favorite poems by others
My fav lyrics
Awards that I've won
My Links Page
Current and past updates I've made on this page.

*princess ash*'s page!

Well, this is my page. I've been working on coming up with a new look. Email me if you have suggestions. thanks! Click on updates for my updates on this page.

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